Vallée Lithium


The Vallée Lithium property is located in the Province of Quebec, in Abitibi, in the townships of La Corne and Fiedmont on the NTS map 32C05. The project is in the heart of the southern portion of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in Quebec, some 100 kilometres northeast of the mining towns of Rouyn-Noranda, 45 kilometres north of Val-d’Or, 50 kilometres northeast of Malartic (home to  the Canadian-Malartic Mine), 30 kilometres southeast of Amos and contiguous and in proximity to RB Energy’s Quebec Lithium Property and adjacent to North American Lithium Mine. The mineralized Spodumene Pegmatite dykes that North American Lithium are mining continue directly onto the claims of Jourdan.

The property encompasses the southern part of Mont Vidéo and frames the north and east of Lac Legendre. It consists of a set of 48 cells designated on map that cover surveyed intra-municipal lots covering 1997 hectares.

The Vallée Lithium claim block is geologically located on the northeast edge of the Preissac‐Lacorne batholite. It is located east of the edge of the late pluto of La Corne. The intrusive rocks of the dioritic to early granodioritic suite largely make up its geology targeted by drilling. However, the upper part of the block, contains volcanic rocks of felsic to mafic composition of the Aurora Group.

Abitibi Greenstone Belt Quebec, Canada

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The objective of the 2011 and 2021 drilling campaign was to study the immediate region of the Vallée Lithium index by carrying out 4 stratigraphic sections bringing together a series of boreholes on a north-south alignment, thus intersecting the extension of the pegmatitic observed west of the property (North American Lithium project) and assessing the mineralisation potential related to pegmatites, namely lithium, molybdenum, as well as a series of rare metals (Rubidium (Rb), Gallium (Ga) and Tantalum (Ta)). Of the 29 boreholes carried out, more than 487 pegmatitic and/or aplitic spodumene were intercepted with thicknesses ranging from 1 centimeters to 17 meters (length in drill core), which revealed proportions varying in trace to 15%.

SOURCE FOR GEOLOGY MAPS:  Government of Quebec = Ressources naturelles et Forêts website at


The best results obtained by drilling in 2011:

Hole From (m) To (m) Length (m) Grade Li2O%
VAL11-08 54.54 55.53 0.99 1.54
VAL11-11 165.35 166.35 1 1.54
VAL11-13 79.03 80.25 1.22 1.43
VAL11-13 89.16 93.12 3.96 1.14
VAL11-14 155.33 157.02 1.69 1
VAL11-15 54.2 55.5 1.3 1.26
VAL11-17 110.82 113.45 2.63 1.53
VAL11-17 179.53 182.1 2.57 1.2
VAL11-18 84 89.8 5.8 1.08
VAL11-18 200 202 2 0.88
VAL11-19 38.8 40.1 1.3 1.53
VAL11-20 37.1 39 1.9 1.32
VAL11-20 79.17 83.22 4.05 1.51
VAL11-20 153.55 155.5 1.95 1.24
VAL11-21 136.5 139.3 2.8 1.42

The 2021 diamond drilling campaign showed those highlights:

Hole From (m) To (m) Length (m) Grade Li2O%
VAL21-2-3 207 208 1 1.36
VAL21-2-4 167.4 168.3 0.9 1.62
VAL21-2-5 102.5 103.5 1.05 1.52
VAL21-3-2 41.85 42.75 0.9 1.58
VAL21-3-2 42.75 43.7 0.95 1.31
VAL21-3-2 43.7 44.6 0.9 0.97
VAL21-3-3 162.4 163.4 1 1.44
VAL21-3-4 100.7 101.8 1.1 1.63
VAL21-3-4 101.8 102.85 1.05 0.91
VAL21-3-4 102.85 103.95 1.1 1.32
VAL21-3-4 129.8 130.85 1.05 1.08
VAL21-3-4 177 191 14 0.67
In July 2018, the Company announced that it had extracted 50 tons of spodumene rich material from its 100% owed Vallee Lithium Project. This material was crushed to minus ¾ inch and shipped to Process Research Ortech (“PRO”) in Mississauga, Ontario where it will be upgraded by flotation to make a concentrate. Magnor Exploration Inc. managed all aspects of the sample collection and preparation. Previous work by PRO on drill core samples from the Vallee Lithium Project returned a concentrate of more than 5% Li2O.

Vallée JV & East Vallée

Key Strategic Segment of the Vallée Lithium Trend

Vallée JV
  • 75% CLM – 25% Sayona Mining
  • Located adjacent to and along strike of the Sayona’s operating NAL Mining Operation
  • Drilling by CLM in 2021-22 has discovered several high-grade spodumene-bearing pegmatites that remain open for expansion to the southeast, south and below 200 m vertical depths
  • Sayona can earn up to 50% interest by solely funding $10 M in exploration in the next 3 years
  • 14,000 m – $4 million drilling program approved by JV for 2023
East Vallée
  • 100% CLM
  • Hosts 3 km+ untested section of the Vallée Lithium Trend
Location Map. Click map to enlarge.

Vallée Joint Venture

Vallée JV

  • CLM has defined multiple Li-bearing pegmatites over a 1 km strike length in 2021 and 2022 before partnering with Sayona
  • CLM has encountered several pegmatites with grades exceeding the cut-off grade of 0.60% Li2O
  • CLM’s mineralization appears to be the southeastern extension of Sayona’s pegmatites in their current mine plan
  • CLM has yet to conduct significant drilling in the Main NAL Mine Trend extending southeast from the Sayona Open Pit, representing a significant discovery opportunity
  • CLM’s currently pegmatites remain open for expansion along strike to the southeast and at down-dip below 200 m vertical depth
Drilling to Date. Click map to enlarge.

Vallée JV & East Vallée

Planned Exploration Work

Vallée JV

  • 14,000 m – $4 million drilling program approved by JV for 2023
  • Focus along strike and to the south of the NAL Mine Trend

East Vallée

  • Extensive soil sampling program covering the 3 km extension of the Vallée Lithium Trend that has only seen one historical drill hole
  • Straddles the favourable LaCorne Batholith and metasediment contact, a favourable geological environment in other spodumene-bearing pegmatite environments 
Planned Exploration Work.Click map to enlarge.

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